3 lessons in body language for media interviews

Body language

We often hear that 93% of human communication is through body language. This particular statistic has been disputed, but even at the lower end of the scale, researchers estimate that non-verbal communication is around 50% of all communication. It’s therefore absolutely vital that communicators and spokespeople get their body language right when facing the media.

Andrew Harvey and Graham Leach offer advice on three areas of body language:


1. Maintain eye contact

Wandering eyes give the viewer the impression that you are uncomfortable, unsure or untrustworthy. A strong eyeline, on the other hand, drives home the message that you really believe the words you are speaking.

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2. Sit still

When facing the cameras and a hostile interviewer, it’s easy to start shifting around nervously in your seat. Not only is this distracting for the viewer, it suggests that you are feeling the pressure (or fidgeting with boredom). Make yourself comfortable and sit still.

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3. Avoid nodding

Many interviewers’ questions begin with a neutral statement of fact before turning negative. It’s natural to nod along with the first part of the interviewer’s question, but suddenly you look as though you’re agreeing with their hostile line of questioning. Listen to the question in full, don’t nod, then reply.

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