Avoid advertising in an interview

Advertising in an interview

One of the things to avoid when doing an interview is trying to turn the occasion into an opportunity to plug your company or organisation in a way that constitutes blatant advertising.

It doesn’t work.

First of all, it angers interviewers who will go out of their way to ensure that the interviewee is not exploiting their interview for shoddy self-promotion.

Indeed, should your interviewer miss a barefaced attempt by you to milk an interview for every possible PR or advertising advantage, he or she will quickly get a message over their headphones or earpiece from their producer instructing them to quash it straightaway.

Furthermore, the public see through it straight away.

Generally speaking, in a typical television or radio news interview, it’s worth mentioning your company or organisation no more than once or twice during the course of an interview.

Moreover, don’t even think about trying to peddle the name of any particular product or products that you might like to advertise. Let your advertising agency do that.

Also, bear in mind that when you appear on television your name and organisation will, in any case, be put up on the bottom of the screen the first time the viewer catches sight of you. It will then stay there for a few seconds.

If you do try to turn an interview into an obvious PR, advertising or publicity stunt, it can backfire on you, possibly to the point of humiliation.

The chances are your interviewer will conclude the interview with a pointed remark that highlights exactly what you’ve been up to, with a touch of mockery thrown in.

If your precious few minutes on TV or radio end with the interviewer saying, “Mr. Smith, thank you for that short advertisement” the entire interview is undermined and the interviewee is portrayed as a pretty smarmy person.

Don’t forget that when you are interviewed by a news programme, the programme is looking for news. It’s not an advertising slot that you’ve paid for.

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