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Media trainingWhen should you consider media training? Who should take part? What exactly should it involve? We’ll help you answer these questions to design the right media training course for you.
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Media training quoteAll of our training is designed according to our clients’ specific requirements. If you know what you are looking for, we can give you an indication of what your training is likely to cost.
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Why Media Training?

Why media training
You understand the importance of your communications strategy. It’s your job. You’ve put hours, days, weeks, months of hard work into getting it right.

Then one of your spokespeople is interviewed by the media and it all goes wrong. Because the journalist is in control, the interview results in the story that they want, not the story that you want.

At best, it’s a wasted opportunity to get your message across. At worst, your company’s reputation is seriously damaged.

The right media training, with experienced journalists and specialist tutors, will give your spokespeople the skills and confidence to take control of any media interview and get your message across.

Why HarveyLeach?

Why HarveyLeach
At HarveyLeach we believe there is no better – or more important – opportunity for getting your message across than the media interview. This is why we put everything into making sure your spokespeople are able to take full advantage of this opportunity.

We make no compromises in providing the highest standards of media training available, and have spent years getting the formula right.

We know that the quality of our service is a combined function of the journalistic experience and the training skills of the tutors.

All of our tutors have reached the top of their profession as journalists and now specialise in producing highly skilled and confident spokespeople.

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